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Design Build - Our Process

The design process centers around collaboration. We will work closely with you, alongside skilled craftsmen, subcontractors and builders to see your project from start to finish. Your project is a personal project, so  we will typically work very closely with you to ensure that things run on time, your budget is met and finally making an idea become reality!

Initial Consultation -  Now it's time for us to get together to discuss your vision for the project. With all of your ideas on the table, we will then share our opinion on what is achievable, what isn’t, and look at ways to realize your project. So in this stage,  we have a clear view to design all details to suit and support your lifestyle. When we visit a client for the first time, we discuss  design solutions. We discuss your tastes, likes, dislikes, your styles, needs and goals so that we have a crystal clear understanding of the direction of the project.  We will take notes, take measurements and we will  take photos to help us remember your space. We will also discuss your budget and time frame.  After all the budgets and fees are discussed and agreements are signed, then we're ready to start your project.


The Design Concept - The design concept stage allows us to communicate our ideas and allows you to assess them against yours. After the initial meeting, we will formulate a design plan with drawings and renderings.  We estimate the job costs based on your goals, budget and  time frame. During this stage you will be involved in the selection of finishes, materials, paint colors, fabrics and all other products and furnishings used for your design. 

The Final Stage - After you have approved your final design and have made your selection decisions, we then begin the process of  procurement. All approved specified material selections are then forwarded to the vendors, building contractor, painter, and/or subcontractors hired to execute the design. We offer on-site project management services from one room  to a full home design.  


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